It’s not a real Scorchers match if you don’t have at least 3 heart attacks and bite off all your nails watching.

In honour of the Scorchers starting their Champions League campaign later this evening I decided to try my hand at making Gifs even if I’m still really mad I’m unable to watch it.

Doing it the punjabi way. @kxipofficial #danceoff

Less than 8 hours before it’s due I have finally finished my 4,000 word report on Cricket Australia’s media relations and public image. Remind me never to do that ever again

What do you think of Mitch Marsh's selection in the test squad?

We have three asks about this. I feel like at this point I could renamed this blog fuckyeahthemarshbrothers and no one would notice the difference.

Anyway, hi anon, sorry i didn’t answer this last night I wasn’t feeling the best and I wanted to properly sit and order my thoughts. I have way more thoughts about this but I really simplified it because no one wants to read an essay.

My knee jerk reaction, when I first saw people throwing his name around was that it was way to soon to chuck him into the test arena. I mean yes he did pretty well in this ODI series but even then he wasn’t exactly the most consistent. 

I don’t doubt his potential to be in the Aussie squad in the long run but given the Australian selectors record of dropping players based on one or two bad performances it makes me nervous. On the other hand Shaun’s been given about 500 chances so he’s probably in the same boat.

But the more I think about it the more I decide it’s a good idea just for him to be around the squad, understand what’s required of him, it almost completly depends on Watson’s fitness whether he gets a game or not let’s be honest. 

I won’t go into the PR things here because no one wants to hear me wank on about it but the way they’ve been operating I think they have him in mind as a long term prospect for the squad, perhaps as a potential captain, and the way they didn’t drop him straight away after 2 bad scores in a row in the ODI series was heartening.

Basically I would have liked for him to get a solid season of Shield cricket under his belt, but everything points towards them setting him up as a long term member of the squad so I’m glad he’s been given the experience. 

Congrats to @aaronfinch5, Australia’s new Twenty20 skipper! View the squads for the VB Tour of the UAE at cricket.com.au #PAKvAUS

Shaun Marsh on brother Mitch

No matter how many times I hear this story i still love it. Yeah you all know if it’s about the Marsh brothers I’m going to be posting it.

All these random puff pieces about Mitch bring me life because it means Cricket Australia is trying to set him up as a long term prospect in the Aussie team.

Also some of them are pretty amusing.


Southern Stars sing the team song after winning the T20 series. (September 05, 2014)


❝ Cook drops 65 percent of his catches? That’s nothing. He’s dropped 60 percent of his team-mates since Sydney… ❞

- 50 Reasons To Date A Cricketer.


Mitch Marsh and James Faulkner visited a school to run a cricket clinic, Harare. (September 3, 2014)

Cricket Australia

You know times are tough in #Zimbabwe when you start using a game ready machine on your head to kill boredom!! #cold

I don’t remember asking for the “Lloyd Christmas” haircut!!

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